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"Open Cloud & friends"


eNovance is the European leader and a major global technology player in open cloud computing software.

The company deploys its services around two lines of business :

  • The first one is around the development, integration, operation and support of cloud computing infrastructure for Private Cloud uses or for Public Cloud Services Providers.
  • The second line of business is on distributing and managing critical web applications on the world's largest Public Clouds such as AWS, Google Compute Engine, RackSpace, Cloudwatt and more.

Heavily investing in R & D, eNovance has become in less than 3 years the 7th largest global contributor to the OpenStack initiative and the only European company to serve on the board of directors of the foundation alongside Rackspace, RedHat, Cisco, HP.

With multinational customers and a globally distributed workforce, eNovance is now a partner of choice for the deployment of critical production applications in the cloud. 

The founders: "Experts as a Service"

Raphaël Ferreira

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer


Nicolas Marchal

Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer


Pierre Molin

Co-Founder & Project Director


"Following the sun...and improving SLAs"

eNovance is a distributed company. Our experts are based in Paris, Montréal, San Francisco, Bangalor and Singapor in order to improve service quality by giving our clients access to multilingual experts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From San Francisco to Singapor, we are also « Highly Available » for our clients.

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