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eNovance specializes in High Performance and High Availability to constantly enhance the user's experience wether he/she is sending e-mails or purchasing an item on the Internet. We truly believe that focusing on the end-user is key to your project's success and your business growth.


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What does better « best user experience mean »?


Maximum availability of the application ↑ Customer Satisfaction
Near instantaneous web page load times ↑ Customer Retention
↑ Number of page loads
Increased website load tolerance ↑ Visitors
↑ Website traffic


The above features are at the center of our expertise.  In order to increase applications performance and  availability, we have developed a specific know-how in architecture design, systems administration but also in software development to help our clients oprimize their software architecture.



For Performance and Availability improvements, eNovance deals with the following areas:


  • Infrastructure
  • Hardware
  • Applications (caching and tuning, acceleration...)
  • Database
  • Implementation of High Availability tools on one or several sites



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