DBMS & High Performance

Why Database Performance is important


Database is the core of any application. Many applications are indeed connected to a database such as DB2, MySQL, Oracle and the hardest performance problem to solve is the database bottleneck.


Application performance is often governed by how quickly the database can perform queries, inserts, and updates. In order to cope with possible  issues relative to DBMS ( Database Management System), eNovance partners with the most qualified DBMS experts to provide you with services that will boost your application performance.



What we do


  • MySQL tuning
  • SkySQL solutions to pro-actively monitors database environments and provides expert advice on how to optimize performance and reduce downtime of MySQL® powered systems
  • SQL alternative solutions: Percona, TokuDB, MariaDB
  • Clustering, DRBD and MultiMaster architectures
  • Specific hardware integration (SSD)
  • NoSQL Integration



For What & for Who


  • High traffic applications
  • Applications requiring frequent and important data manipulations in a database
  • Big Data often requiring massively parallel software running

Products & solutions


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