Global Loadbalancing

Why Loadbalancing is important


You don't want your website to crash because of high demand: it annoys your visitors and there's a chance they'll never come back.


High Traffic Websites need specific structures to run properly. Delivering your web application across multiple locations can be a way to reduce latency for users, ensure compliance to local laws, or for disaster recovery purposes.


eNovance's services allows you to deploy your applications on the most suitable datacenter or cloud based on various factors such as geographic proximity, datacenter performance and datacenter availability to guarantee maximal performance and availability of your services.


In order for your users to get the best possible level of service, eNovance partners with the top noch technology experts in terms of load balancing and traffic management.



What we do...with our partners


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Zeus Global Loadbalancer

Reduce latency for users: Zeus Global Load Balancer can identify where a user is located and connect them to the closest, best performing datacenter.

Keep Your Services On-line : in the event of a catastrophic datacenter failure, Zeus Global Load Balancer will direct your users to alternative datacenters or clouds that host your services.



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Cedexis OpenMix

Cloud Performance as a service: Cedexis Openmix provides a revolutionary approach to DNS-based Global Traffic Management/Global Server Load Balancing.

Visibility and control over global web and cloud deployments : the globally-distributed, on-demand Openmix platform provides a highly robust means of ingesting real-time data from various sources, and exposing this metadata as environment “variables” which can be evaluated on each request.




For What & for Who


  • Critical applications
  • High traffic applications
  • Applications targetting an international audience

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