Tuning & Web Optimization

tuning and web optimization

Why Web Optimization is important


  • Improve the application global performance
  • Decrease response time to reduced the risk of churn: even the smallest of time savings generate significant increases in page views and revenue
  • Increased load tolerance  translate to better user experience and increased website traffic



What we do


  • Infrastructures design
  • WebServer optimization
  • Caching: “caching” avoids a roundtrip to the origin web server each time a resource is requested and instead retrieves the file from a local computer's browser cache or a proxy cache closer to the user
  • Acceleration
  • Virtualization optimization
  • Memcache & Memcached integration: these systems allow to speed up dynamic database-driven websites by caching data and objects in RAM to reduce the number of times an external data source (such as a database or API) must be read
  • Elasticity management: automatization of configurations and deployments
  • Cloud Bursting: if our clients run out of  computing resources in their internal data center, we “burst” the additional workload to an external cloud on an on-demand basis.



For What & for Who


  • High traffic applications
  • eCommerce, Rich Media, Gaming, Websites applications
  • Mobile applications

Products & solutions


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