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eNovance assists its clients in finding new ways to improve performance. And again, we truly believe the road to success is designed with the lessons we learn from the end users and their experience. So, what about getting a real feedback from them ?


We use Cedexis Radar as a tool to provide our clients with the optimal recommendations for improvment.



Check out how it works :


Agent-Free Monitoring. Powered by Users


Cedexis Radar was designed to capture the experience of your actual visitors (you know, all those great people reading, watching and buying your stuff). Using a unique, community-based approach, Cedexis brings unrivalled transparency to the global performance and availability of the world’s largest public infrastructures, from Cloud Computing and Storage to Content and Application Delivery Networks. From Zambia to Afghanistan, you’ll quickly find your best – and worst – performing platforms


With over 200 billion measurements collected, Cedexis Radar is the industry’s most comprehensive resource regarding cloud performance. As enterprises blur the lines between private and public web infrastructure, Cedexis provides the hard data necessary to build the most informed, effective, and flexible strategies.

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