Cloud services

The general interest for this concept is growing fast and everybody wants to be "in the Cloud" but it can seem hard to understand what it really is and the countless definitions do not help to make it less confusing.


Cloud services

A new way to consume IT services

Here at eNovance, we believe the Cloud is just a new way to consume IT services : a way that open new doors for innovation, diversification and service quality.


What can the Cloud bring to your business ?

A lot ! Flexibility, scalabilty, easiness to deploy, cost efficiency are just some of the benefits cloud computing can offer your business.


eNovance in the Cloud : the modular approach

Nowadays, no organization operates in a fixed and predictable environment.


The way we do business must enable rapid change and flexibility. The rôle of IT is therefore key to be able to follow the pace. That is why we believe in a modular approach regarding the services we provide. Modularity over the infrastructures we build for you and modularity over the way we do business together.


eNovance solutions will enable your organization to respond to change and to have flexible relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.


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