Hybrid cloud

What is a hybrid cloud ?


A Hybrid Cloud is a mix of Public and Private Cloud : you can therefore leverage the power that each solution has to offer. The Hybrid Cloud combines High Security with elasticity and flexibility.



Key features of the eNovance Hybrid Cloud


eNovance's Hybrid Cloud allows you to mix and match the most suitable technologies for your specific needs. You can temporarily improve your platform capacities for temporary or seasonal peak loads, and you only pay as you consume.


  • Highly secure, dedicated platform
  • Custom design on hardware & software
  • Unlimited elasticity
  • Virtualization: one size doesn’t fit all. Our Public Cloud is compatible with most Hypervisors and supports multiple Operating Systems


+ All functionalities provided by the eNovance Hybrid Cloud can benefit from premium services 24x7x365



A hybrid cloud for what & for who?


  • organizations that need to have full control over infrastructure but want to punctually benefit from extra capacity
  • any application requiring a specific hardware/software configuration
  • web applications, portals, e commerce websites, rich mediacompanies
  • production, test and development environments, quality assessments (QA)



Where is this cloud?


Hybrid Cloud can be deployed on multiple locations :

  • Private Cloud on premise
  • Hosted Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud like AWS, Cloudwatt, Rackspace...

Have a look at our infrastructures: eNovance's servers are located in the top data centers available on the market

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