Multi-Cloud Management

The ideal platform doesn't exist! That is why eNovance developed a specific toolkit for deploying and managing all types of clouds: "Multi-Cloud Management"

Our goal is not to sell or rent servers, we want to provide our clients with the best end-user experience possible


Depending on our clients needs, their budget, the location of their customers, a single infrastructure will not be able to answer to all types of demand. In that context, eNovance provides 24x7x365 managed services   on our Clouds but also on the main public clouds: Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud,...


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Hundreds of companies depend on eNovance every day to run business-critical applications in the cloud. The eNovance Cloud Management Platform offers significant advantages over alternative cloud management approaches. Whether you are just getting started and need a simple on-ramp to the cloud or require support for complex deployments spanning multiple clouds, eNovance provides complete automation yet gives you the flexibility, control, and portability you need.


 Key Benefits

  • Adapt the infrastructure to your needs - not the contrary!
  • Deploy your applications on several platforms and keep a centralized managed hosting contract.
  • Claim your independence and break vendor-lock-in.
  • Use eNovance's expertise to manage your critical applications.
  • Enjoy unlimited elasticity, unlimited power and international coverage of your services.


 Key features

- Multi-Cloud software

eNovance Labs, our R&D department, works on building softwares dedicated to the management of multi-clouds. These softwares allow us to deploy our clients  applications on several Cloud Platforms, located in different countries.

- Multi-CDN Mixing and Load balancing

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We use the Cedexis technology that allows to redirect a user in real-time towards the most performant CDN/server. When a request is made, a "server performance map" is established and the user is automatically "directed" towards the best server at a given time: he/she uses the fastest route to the desired service. The end-user experience is therefore much improved.


Pick your cloud


Your business has to grow and prosper in a rapidly-changing, competitive business environment. In fact, every business has to. In that context, flexibility is a real competitive advantage and a valuable asset for growth and here, at eNovance, we think flexibility should be optimal.


Moreover, all your applications don't need the same features: some of them are very demanding on CPU and Ram, while others will essentially require fast I/O. With Muti-Cloud Management, performance is on-demand: a smart combination of various platforms will give your applications the power they need, when they need it. That's why eNovance is the only provider that offers you the possibility to choose the infrastructure on which you want us to work on, 3 options are therefore available:


eNocloud: the eNovance Public Cloud powered by OpenStack



eNocloud is located in the top data centers available on the market & all our services can be deployed simultaneously on several data centers.

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Tiers Cloud Partners

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In compliance with our goal of optimal flexibility,  we work with several referenced partners that have cloud infrastructures all over the world, among them: Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud... You will therefore be able to keep a high level of service 24/7/365 with eNovance with technical support based in Paris and Montréal and, at the same time have your applications hosted in the most adapted infrastructure. By doing so, we can therefore fill our clients needs in terms of performance, availability, international presence, elasticity, security, and price.


OnSite Infrastructures


You want to keep it all on your own infrastructures? Well, that is also an option. Whether you have your own data center or possess servers in an external data center, you can have access to the following services:

  • Infrastructure Design and Integration
  • Managed Hosting 24x7x365
  • Level 2 & Level 3 support
  • Design, Configuration and Deployment of your Private Clouds
  • Audit and Expert Consulting Services for your platforms



Multi-cloud management: additional services


Run your cloud fast - Cloud-Ready ServerTemplates


Even if you have minimal knowledge of cloud architectures, you can take advantage of eNovance’s pre-packaged ServerTemplates to get up and running on the cloud fast. Available for a wide variety of common application scenarios, ServerTemplates incorporate best-practice design architectures so you can focus on your own application and trust in the reliability, resiliency, and performance of other more standard components.



Elastic computing AND Elastic Team


With eNovance's Multi-Cloud  management, you don't just get elastic computing: you also have the option to get an elastic IT Operations team that helps you ensure your SLAs.


You will have the complete support of all the eNovance expert engineers who are on-hand around the clock to assist you with common challenges on infrastructure planning, optimization of deployment, configuration, monitoring and general maintenance of all your IT infrastructure, across your hosted, collocated or cloud-based resources managed by eNovance.

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