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eNovance's Cloud offers combine the power of OpenStack and eNovance's expertise.

Currently the 7th biggest contributor to the code and Board Member of the Openstack Foundation, we help companies building and managing large scale infrastructures.

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OpenStack is an Cloud Computing open source platform (IaaS): easy to install and massively scalable, OpenStack allows the deployment of private and public clouds while using standard hardware.

Why OpenStack?

Powerful asset for the future of Cloud Computing, OpenStack is becoming the industry standard for Open Cloud (Cloud Computing Open Source) and allows to :

  • Deploy new services in minutes instead of weeks
  • Adapt the Cloud to your needs not your needs to the Cloud
  • Rely on rich and dynamic ecosystem (160 companies, 2700 developers)
  • Break vendor-lock-in through open standards and open APIs
  • Foster interoperability (through Amazon Web services and the biggest public clouds)
  • Drive down costs, benefit from a better ROI, a better competitiveness

eNovance's Cloud Solutions

eNovance provides you with cloud hosting solutions that match our expertise: improving the end user experience through high performance and high availability tools for web and mobile applications.

eNovance's Open Cloud solutions help you: maintain full control over your applications, provide them with unlimited performance and elasticity while reducing your costs. eNovance also guarantees 100% secure environments for your data, whether they are located on a Private or a Public Cloud.


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