Cloud storage

What is cloud storage?


Cloud Storage is an full open source distributed storage solution based on the several technologies :

  • Openstack Swift

  • Ceph by Inktank

  • Redhat Storage

Based on your needs we design, build and run you Cloud Storage on premise or in one of our datacenters. You will of course have complete control over the storage whether it is for its distribution or recovery. Cloud Storage also means access to your data from any location at any time.



Key features of the eNovance Cloud Storage


eNovance's Cloud Storage is the most efficient storage solution on the market for Block and Object Storage. 

  • High availability for all your datas
  • Unlimited elasticity: the storage capacity expands according to your needs
  • Access to your data is backed up with a 24x7x365 service level agreement 
  • eNovance Cloud Storage is built with OpenStack Swift, Ceph of Redhat Storage


+ All functionalities provided by the eNovance Cloud Storage benefit from premium services 24x7x365



A cloud storage for what & for who?


  • block storage to add volume to your private or public cloud
  • any application that needs to distribute media content, locally or internationally
  • any organization that needs additional storage capacity without additional planning or integration
  • web applications, portals, e commerce websites, rich media companies that have to meet peek demand without other provisioning



Where is this cloud?

Depending on your needs, we offer Hosted Cloud Storage or On Premise Cloud Storage.

Have a look at our infrastructures: eNovance's servers are located in the top data centers available on the market

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