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Cloud Computing is a big buzzword and covers a lot of subject and use cases.


Many organisations integrated virtualization as their “de facto” standard for their compute needs and also integrate some public cloud services in the mix for increased flexibility and ease of consumption.

Delivering the same benefits provided by the Public IaaS Cloud vendors within the Enterprise DataCenter is a promise made by many vendors in the virtualization space but not exactly delivered as users, admins and CIOs expect.


To deliver a real private cloud environment, eNovance relies on OpenStack, a Cloud Operating System that provision compute, storage and networking on top of any data center infrastructure.

eNovance OpenStack based Private Cloud allows any IT department to become a real Internal Private Cloud Provider (IPCP) by delivering the same user experience and functionalities delivered by Public IaaS Cloud providers.

With an eNovance Internal Private Cloud Provider setup, Enterprises can deliver, on top or most OpenStack distribution, an IaaS environment that is massively scalable, easy to consume, metered for charge back or show back and integrated with other Enterprise IT systems.


Why Openstack ?


Openstack Architecture 


  • Evolutivity and agility: ability to rapidly increase or decrease resources on-demand to meet unpredictable application development or production needs.

  • Cost optimization: the average number of server administrators to servers in a typical datacenter is 50 servers: 1 administrator. The average ratio of cloud-based data centres is 500:1

  • Security and Compliance: maximum security for your data and flexibility in resource allocation.



  • Highly secure, dedicated platform
  • Custom design on hardware & software
  • 100 % interconnected with your Information System
  • Virtualized platform
  • Full OpenStack support and updates


Private Cloud Services

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eNovance's infrastructures On-premise Your own datacenter


Have a look at our infrastructures: eNovance's servers are located in the top data centers available on the market.

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