Performance Run

What is Performance Run ?


Performance Run is eNovance's highest level of service suitable for critical and demanding platform. Performance Run include all features of our Proactive Run contract plus additional services including extended support, a dedicated Project Manager for you and our technical teams recurrently working on your cloud infrastructure and/or applications, to optimize performance and enhance your customer's experience.



Key features ?


  • Maintenance of your cloud infrastructure and/or applications 24x7x365.
  • Team of experts in systems and network at your disposal to ensure the good health and the high availability of your platform.
  • Permanent supervision of your platforms from 3 different checkpoints.
  • 30 minutes response time guaranteed.
  • IPLabel monitoring services measuring end-user quality of experience from 5 external measurement points.
  • Secure Extranet access to follow your platforms and get in touch with us.
  • Updates, security and backup management.
  • Periodic and complete audits of the infrastructure and immediate actions taken to improve performance and fluidity of service.
  • Deliveries made through automated processes.



For who ?


  • Any company that wishes to focus on its core business and externalize IT services management.
  • Any platform that needs to be Highly available for its end users.
  • Any project that requires assistance from an expert team for its creation, maintenance and evolution.
  • Any application with high traffic or with important load peaks.

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