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CompatibleOne is one of our collaborative research project publicly funded by French institutions to provide open source 'cloudware' for the creation, deployment and management of private, public or hybrid cloud platforms.



The goals of the project are to:


  • provide entrepreneurs and organisations unimpeded access to cloud technologies
  • provide innovative platform of services, that go beyond the standard services provided by existing cloud providers
  • remove the constraints of vendor / data lock-in
  • provide cloudware that the community can evolve rapidly and adapt according to their needs
  • give ownership and control of security and quality of service



The scope of CompatibleOne addresses all 3 layers of cloud computing infrastructure:


SaaS - Software as a Service

  • Federate application providers & facilitate the distribution and deployment of innovative services



PaaS - Plateforme as a Service

  • Provide a feature-rich, industry standard cloudware to build applications on the cloud
  • Multi-tenant platform (deployment, application execution)
  • Abstraction layer allowing its utilization through high-level services such as relational and post-relational storage, as well as synchronous and asynchronous communication and documentation management.



IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service

  • Manage infrastructures and provide a global abstraction of ressources
  • Standardized interface unifying divers models used by IaaS platforms (Amazon EC2, SunCloud API, …)


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