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The eNovance approach is based on close collaboration with the client to ensure that the implementation of technology is always aligned with their broader business objectives. 


In every engagement with every client, we strive to be an integrated partner and achieve the position of trusted advisor.

Websites, CMS, Blogs

Maintaining a good brand image comes with a good website. To face the challenges relative to maintenance and traffic, you need to rely on a provider that works proactively in ways to improve the viewer experience.


For example, a consistent and very high-quality uptime guarantee is absolutely necessary for any important website, and is really crucial factor for survival for the online businesses.


eNovance optimizes your website by providing hosting services adapted to your needs and requirements.



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Mobile & Facebook apps

For Facebook and mobile applications, the main challenge consists in building the application on an instantly scalable platform that can deliver performance as your application user base grows.


Application usage can change dramatically overnight and that demands a latest generation cloud hosting platform that can deliver the performance and flexibility that your applications need. Only Cloud Platforms can do this.


eNovance's platforms allow you to build your application on a truly scalable, high availability platform and react to demand.



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eCommerce Company

When setting up your eCommerce business, it is crucial to choose the right web hosting provider. You want your online store to welcome your customers, not turn them away, so issues such as security, both for the customer and for you, and a reliable shopping cart are key factors. Other important points are dependability and excellent customer service.


eNovance can help you build a hosting solution to fit your unique requirements, starting with the infrastructure configuration and surrounding it with the right services and support resources.



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Rich Media Company

Websites that host rich media have specific challenges related to volume of data and trafic management. Video buffering, long page loads can have terrible consequences for your business and you don't want your website to crash because of high demand.


eNovance gives you the tools to deliver your rich media content in a quick, secure and reliable way.



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Saas & PaaS Players

The capital cost of building SaaS and PaaS capable infrastructures is prohibitive. Moreover, these infrastructure must be utterly reliable and available, and scale rapidly to meet demand.


eNovance leverages its rich industry heritage, secure infrastructure, low-latency network, and specialized SaaS knowledge to deliver end-to-end solutions to SaaS and PaaS companies.



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